I feel very fortunate to have chosen this place to stay in Bruges

“Once a month, all the girls who live in Oosterlingenplein 5 and Genthof 15  come together for dinner with Anne and Sister Christine. This month, we celebrated a multicultural dinner in which each nationality (Spanish, Poland, Flanders, Wallonia and Italian) was in charge of preparing a typical dish of their country. After an introduction from each country, we started to dinner. It was a wonderful night. We ate an omelette that we prepared (Spanish girls), stew and fries that the staff of Sister Christine prepared and a delicious tiramisu cake that Alessia prepared for us. But we not only ate, we also laughed, danced, sang and we recited the prayer of Saint Francis (moment that, personally, I found it lovely).

Then we went to the chapel/silent room where Anne gave all of us a necklace with the dove of peace. She also spoke some really nice words to each of us. For me, that was one of the most exciting moments of the night, I enjoyed it very much and felt at home.

I love this place. It makes small things beautiful. Anne and Sister Christine take care of everything for the best. This night was so full of effort, work, feeling and love. I feel very fortunate to have chosen this place to stay during my time in Bruges. For all of this reasons I’m sure I will be very sad when I will leave in January.

With love, Marta.”